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Stonestreet Family

November 11, 2009 6 comments

Yes, indeed, this is my beloved family. Late in the evening we had our first family photo shoot since 2001. Thanks to my self-timer, darling Grandma and friend Brittany, we got photos in before it was too dark : ) Christmas family cards, here we come!

Also note that most of these are outtakes… because we simply can’t take a serious photo together. And that’s okay by me.

(click for larger view below)


It is also my parents 30th wedding anniversary this month. So, as my gift, they received photos from me. By taking their portraits, I learned more about myself and about who they were, how they mesh perfectly… how seasoned they are. What a gift. I’ve taken so many portraits of new couples — and that fresh, beautiful romance is captured on film. This, this was different. Seasoned, selfless, beautiful… love.

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