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Onward to Medellin, Colombia…

The past few weeks have flown by. I’m writing to you from the Charlotte airport — thanks to their free wifi connection.
(thank you, Charlotte)

Right now, I’m on my way to Medellin, Colombia with a team of amazing artists and dancers.

Quick overview of this media mission trip:
Stephen and I are assessing Open Arms in their needs of updated media (videos, web design, graphics/logo, photographs). We’ve got a pretty tight schedule of meetings and shooting time downtown Medellin, in the Barrios and at the Boy’s Farm. You’ll hear more about this in detail as time goes on, I don’t want to overload you just yet! Preparing for this trip has been utterly exciting and a blessing. Thankful to finally be on our way!

We’ll be heading back to finish shooting (video + photo) in Sept/Oct this year.

As for the other part of this trip

(a few photos of the dancers)

We have a team of dancers from my area (and one from New York!) taking part in in a 2hr community arts performance downtown Medellin at the Pablo Tobon Uribe Theater on August 3rd to bring awareness to Open Arms Foundation. We’ll be performing 3 dance pieces choreographed by Jerusha Aman (NY) and myself with other dancers, artists and musicians. We’ll be learning their traditional cultural dances in a huge finale, as well. Honored to be a part of this! They’ll be much documentation of the night by Stephen… so don’t worry, you’ll see the videos of the pieces on here, I’m sure 😉




There you have it! An update!


I most likely won’t be updating in Colombia.
I’m home the 5th.


Until then!

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