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Refocusing, Reflecting: An Important Note

As you’ve noticed, it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the blog-world planet. There haven’t been any significant posts lately. A lot of personal growth and soul searching has/is occurring — and I personally find it difficult to keep everyone else up to date and properly reflect. Balancing the two is quite the trick.

I haven’t been posting all my latest work… yet. It will filter through when I feel the time is right. I’m going back to the sole root of why I am an artist and how I have the privilege and responsibilty to create.

It definitely hasn’t been easy juggling all of the amazing/important/pressing projects I have on my plate right now. I’ve taken a step back and began to prioritize. I don’t know if some of you feel this way, but there are most definitely some days where you wake up to the responsibility to create, and it simply isn’t in you. There is a fine line between being a human creating and a machine expected to create. Without proper reflection, listening to your own soul and taking these words seriously: “love your neighbor as yourself” — you burn out quickly. Some of these things have been out of balance in me lately. As I’ve been listening and reflecting, it’s vital for me to take a break. I’m not sure what that all entails, just yet.

I am in fact leaving today for two weeks to dance my heart out in Cleveland at SDI with Inlet Dance Theatre. Now if that isn’t diving back to my roots, I’m not sure what is! I’ll be flying from there to Richmond, where I’ll be driving into the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with some of my favorite, most loved people in the world. I’ll return to WV July 5th.

I encourage you to always check why it is that you create — what makes you burn and ache to create. Listening isn’t a gift, it’s a discipline. Practice it. Continue to listen to the temptature of your soul. Balance out creating for others and creating for yourself. Sometimes we’re blessed enough to have to two cross — those are glorious moments.

I am not climbing some “professional photography business extraordinaire” ladder. I am not on any type of bandwagon. I am not, currently, promoting my work… for now, I am letting my work speak for itself and my words be few. I am going back to the root of why I create. I have seen and understand the weight of responsibility I have to tell my story and the stories entrusted to me captured on film.

I am currently wrapping up the project for Pfunanane Academy with Patrice Esser (web designer) and Nate Johnson (photographer).
The website will launch mid-July with photos, promotional videos and new information about the school.
I am beginning the first stages of a media project with the Open Arms Foundation of Medellin, Colombia in July and continuing in October.
I burn to further others through my art — not myself. That is an empty and lonely road.
Yes, this is my livelihood, my bread-and-butter, my profession — but it is much more than just that to me.

I challenge you to not break the circle of the greatest commandment, love your neighbor as yourself. When you do not properly love yourself, you cannot properly love your neighbor. And, by loving your neighbor, you are indeed loving yourself. Find the balance and continue to listen. We all seem to be yelling out our own stories when really, they are all so intricately connected.

In the midst of everything, remember your humanity.

I appreciate all of you and your continued support. : )


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