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Recommended Blog: Sarah Deppen

Sarah (House Mom, Teacher & Sponsorship Coord at Pfunanane) started blogging. What she writes is so raw and we need to hear it. A little clip from the end of her last post:

“All kids are different. Some are afraid to attach or get close to anyone – others cling to me, holding my hand as if it’s a lifeline. Some become quiet and introverted in their pain, some cover it up and act as if nothing is wrong, others act out in disobedience and anger. But all of them need to let it out in some way, to express what is inside, to “let the hurt come out of their face”, to tell their secrets to someone they trust. This trust isn’t easily won, and it usually takes time, patience, and a lot of time just being around the kid. Often they will pipe up at the strangest times – when we are mopping the floor, cooking dinner, going for a walk, riding in the car…and I always just act as if it’s the most natural thing in the world that they are telling me about how their father used to beat them until blood came out of their head, that they would eat grasshoppers because there was no food in the house, that when they found their mother dead she felt stiff, that they know their parents died of AIDS and they know they have it too. I try to show them that I care, that I wish these things hadn’t happened to them, and that I will always listen to them no matter what they want to tell me. And especially, that I will always be here for them and love them like my own children. Because in my heart, they are.”

Check her blog out here and add her to your blogroll.

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  1. brightasafeather
    April 3, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    Hi Lauren,
    I think I found your blog on Carlos Whittaker’s over a year ago and have been admiring your work and words since then, but have never commented.
    Just wanted to say that you have a wonderful eye for photography and I appreciate your honesty about the process of traveling across the world and falling in love with strangers! Having experienced it, I know how intense it can be!
    Anywho…keep up the good work! With your lens and your heart.

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