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The I Heart Revolution

When I saw Hillsong live in Cape Town, we saw this (and I believe a bit more). They’re onto something. There are so many ‘movements’ that come and fade, come and fade. Justice has somehow become a fad; fashionable. I can’t tell you how much I loathe that fact. We do “just enough” to have the appearance of bringing justice… I’ve seen it too often. And, I’ve seen and experienced the true, unglamorous, sacrificial lives of others that may not ever be noticed the way they should be in this life. Only in the life to come will they receive what they truly deserve.

One of these amazing individuals is Sarah Haver.

I lived with her those two months I was in South Africa.

When she gives of her own life and comfort, it’s only natural. It’s not flashy and most of what she does goes unnoticed. She already had a house full of kids when Nate and I lived with her, but in the past month, she’s added three to the bunch – Dinah, Lerato and a 17-year old girl refugee from Zimbabwe. She teaches faithfully every single day at Pfunanane and mothers the kids in her house full time and continually thinks of new ways to give to the communities surrounding her. Her adopted son, Nyiko, stole my heart (as all who lived with her did) — just now 10 (as of Feb 1st!), he has lived way beyond what they thought he might, due to the fact of his severe case of HIV without treatment until last year…. when Sarah found him and took him in.

I’m encouraged every time I think of Sarah. It’s hard to express the gratitude I have to her for the things I learned and the love that was selflessly given. Now, it’s my turn to do what I can for her. For the school. For those who are giving of their lives unnoticed — I’ll be a voice and advocate so their lives can be heard now.

…and The I Heart Revolution, I believe, is not just another movement.

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