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An Update on the Current:

– I see Dan Dixon every 2-3 weeks. In different cities. (Louisville, Chicago, Nashville and now, San Francisco)
– I am a week behind in work due to bad weather/snow/icy conditions back home. Very unfortunate.
– Funny how I leave West Virginia and it immediately warms up. Ice when I left, 60s today. Unbelievable.
– I’m currently in San Francisco finishing Andrew’s record. This has been quite the journey. I’ve learned so many life lessons along the way. My faith for one, has been stretched and expanded. This album has been worked on from the east coast to the west (shall I name cities again? okay): Charleston (WV), Louisville, Nashville, Chicago, Felton, San Ramon, San Francisco.
– I miss when the photography profession wasn’t so saturated. I almost want to withdraw the title that I am a photographer until I truly feel I am just that. I feel like I’m close. Closer than I have been. I’m focusing more than ever on being truly excellent in my craft, nothing half-way or to get by. I do it [create] out of love for it and simply, out of necessity. I have been listening to the work and going beyond myself in the work (can you tell I’ve dusted off a little Walking on Water by the lovely Madeline?)
– What I miss most of my time in South Africa: feeling and knowing my humanity. Here [at home, in the US] it seems so much harder to understand your humanity. Such disconnect. I want to expand on this at some point. I’ve written a lot about this and in time, I’ll express it to you.

I’m in the San Francisco area until next Thursday. It’s good to be here. To see blue skies and green mountains.

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