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The Nameless Face Who Continually Smiled for Me.

The Nameless Face Who Continually Smiled for Me.

Kgapane, South Africa

  • Picking up 5×7 prints to send off to sponsors
  • Finally, finally beginning to finish up my S.Africa video presentation.
    (You all have such patience, hope I haven’t lost your too much of your interest 😉
  • Dreamt of all the simple beauties of South Africa last night… missing it so much this morning

I’ve been juggling so many things since being home. Christmas, family, weddings, work, reflection.
This past month, as I look back, has been such a blur. Can’t believe this much time has passed already.
It will take a good amount of time to reflect on the heart changes I’ve had and what I experienced in those two short months. Do bare with me. I know you’re wanting a ‘conclusion’ just as much as I do.
I keep remembering the small things. They’ll hit me at the most random times and are taken in, slowly, like a new breath of fresh air.

So many good things to catch you up on. I never thought I’d play “catch up” on my own blog. Things are happening so fast, it’s hard for me to keep up!

I received this in the mail today with a note from a new friend, Christy. She’s also traveled/lived in South Africa, and knows of alllll the little towns I speak of. It was a complete surprise. I’ll be starting this book today, no doubt.

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