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A week has almost finished…

It’s been an incredible week… Nate and I have been soaking in and adapting to culture and school life and just beginning to document. We’ve got time, so we’re taking our time and doing our best to live in to every moment.

The kids are absolutely incredible. Can’t relay it to you enough. The first 2 days I was here, I jumped right into teaching (unexpectedly, but a cool surprise) the 2nd grade class (or simply, grade 2). They are hilarious. They learned my name and I’m still learning all of theirs – but I am known as “teacher, teacher” – definitely privileged to be called that ; )

This week, we’ve been to a boys soccer match and girls net ball match between schools, started learning the ins and outs of the school community concert coming up on Nov 11th (and putting together props/sets – which includes painting and wood frames), experienced the church we’ll be at for the next 6 weeks and grocery shopping. I’d have to say our first attempt was hilarious. Sunday, our first day here, we realized eventually that everything was backwards. You know how you’d normally walk down the right side of the aisle? Nope… left. Just the same as how they drive.  ; ) The currency exchange rate is crazy good for us, and is easy to calculate considering it’s practically divided by 10. (R19.95 = $1.95, R450 = $45 and so on…)

As my dad always says, “the morning starts in the evening” — and I’ve definitely been experiencing that on a new level. The evenings after 8 or so are quiet… (like right now)… and there’s so much time for reflection, reading, writing, silence… needless to say, it’s been beautiful. Plus, after a long, good day with a bunchhh of crazy rad kids, it’s nice. I’ve needed this change and I’m longing for more of it, which I know will come in time while I’m here.

He’s speaking, and I’m continuing to learn to listen.

I’ll elaborate more as time progresses… as for now, some needed reflection before I write to you more.

God is good.


(pictures to come soon when I can, promise.)

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  1. October 24, 2008 at 7:35 PM

    I have always wanted to go there, it looks beautiful. Hope things go well!

  2. October 31, 2008 at 2:35 AM

    Oh ~ How much God loves you!
    I have been blessed.
    Thank you,

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