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straight from the written journal


I’m learning to capture movement and light.
I’m feeling and experiencing deeper than I ever have.
Walking by faith and not by sight is an incredible journey.

On quite a personal note:
Everyone seems to continually worry about who they’re “going to be with the rest of their lives.” I’ve been there. Thankfully, not anymore in the least. I have never been more satisfied – funny thing is, nothing has changed from point A to point B. My heart condition and perspective is the only thing that has changed. There is a difference in being set free and being free. I have some of the most incredible, beautiful people in my life right now that continually blow, me, away. Our vision is usually the problem. As I always say, balance is key, and I can’t say it enough. 

myopia: nearsightedness
presbyopia: farsightedness 

Camp really was my New Year. I was able to examine where I am now and where I was then… 

  • My faith has been stripped down, shaken and put back together as my own.
  • Simple truths, simple truths, simple truths. Know them. Live them.
  • From being comes the doing, not the other way around. And it’s a common misconception. 



I’ll be writing a longer list in the near future… it’s all throughout my journal in different forms and at midnight, when I’m getting up at 6AM, doesn’t seem like the perfect time to pull it all together : ) 

I will say this – every year, we have a night of silence. After 7PM, no one speaks unless you have to, and in quiet tones. You cannot believe the stillness on top of that mountain on that night. There is this beautiful unspoken communication that goes on between everyone – conversations without words. I love it. That type of communication doesn’t happen often. They hand out college-ruled notebook paper and an envelope to us and we’re instructed to ‘write a letter to God.’ Sounds like jr. high, right? Not so much… young to old write letters. Beautiful letters. Sketches on their letters, on their envelopes, prose, poetry, a literal letter; whatever form of writing they choose and they seal it, write their address on the front and place it in the box with the other 200+ letters to be sent back in the coming year. Hilariously, for the past 3 years, I write my letter and FORGET to put it in the box. Mine is sitting next to me in an envelope. I’ve got to find out who to give it to. So funny… I shouldn’t be reading over it right now ; ) 

Last week, I experienced the body living, breathing, moving, bleeding and being alive… when I thought, for the most part, it was dead and I was done trying to wake it up.


I can’t wait to share with you photos and written sketches of some of those beautiful people in my life. Bob and Ellen Stamps – an elderly couple who just get it and challenge me intellectually and spiritually at the same time; Ellen is dutch and was Corrie Ten Boom’s right hand woman for many, many years; their story blows me away. Pat and Gary Greene – another elderly couple; best friends since early high school; artists; Gary is a famous watercolorist who lives and breathes beauty. Amy Hendrix – wife and mother of three, challenging artist (painting, sketching, photography); she’s designing my tattoo; we sat around having conversations of our favorite historical painters and writers, always loosing track of time….


More to come-

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  1. iamorange
    July 19, 2008 at 4:56 AM

    great stuff here lady. wow

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